Where to rent a car in Batumi

Where is it easy and cheap to rent the best cars in Batumi

Why rent a car and why it is convenient probably no one needs to explain, especially since everyone decides for himself why he needs a car on a trip. Therefore, let’s better find out where it is easier and more profitable to rent a car in Batumi.

For those who can’t wait to see and choose a car, go to website, but then be sure to come back and read a lot of useful and interesting information that will definitely come in handy when traveling.

To rent a car in Georgia, you need an international or regular driver’s license, a passport and a driving experience of 3 years.

Rent a car in Batumi online

So, you can rent a car in Batumi on the spot or via the Internet. If you choose the first option, most likely you will end up with a small local company with a small fleet, as there are many of them here.

The main disadvantage of such companies is a small selection of cars, and at the height of the season it may not be at all. Therefore, the search for the car you need may be delayed and it is not a fact that you will find something to your liking. In addition, such companies often inflate prices, especially if they notice that demand is greater than supply.

That’s why many people do not recommend looking for a car on the spot, but advise to do everything in advance via the Internet. It is believed that there are two huge advantages in this option:

  • with early booking, prices are always lower, and the choice is much larger
  • 100% saving of time and nerves

At the same time, it is best to use aggregator sites that first of all look for and show the most favorable price offers, and then all the others. The best in Georgia and Batumi in particular, today is considered to be localrent.

Rent a vip car in Batumi
Rent a vip car in Batumi

Advantages of renting a car in Batumi through the booking service:

  1. Free cancellation
  2. Fleet of over 700 vehicles
  3. Guaranteed round-the-clock support in Russian and assistance in disputable situations
  4. A large selection of cars without a deposit, and if there is, in most cases it is small and is returned immediately when the car is returned
  5. You will definitely get the car that you booked, except for force majeure situations
  6. Very user friendly website interface
  7. There are no hidden fees and surcharges, everything is accurate, transparent and final
  8. Since the aggregator cooperates with many car rental companies that you cannot find on the Internet, their prices are the lowest, and the prepayment is only 10-15%
  9. Quality of service at the level of global companies
  10. A lot of good reviews from real customers and a rating of 4.9 out of 5 on Google Maps

Important recommendations when renting a car in Georgia:

  • Be sure to inspect the car well upon receipt, if possible, take a photo or video
  • To pay for the rental, take a credit card or local lari with you, because the acceptance of foreign currency in Georgia is punishable by law
  • Check the presence and operation of all devices
  • Always ask for a return certificate upon return of the rental car

What car to rent in Batumi and the state of the roads in the city

Almost all roads in Batumi are good, so any brand of car is suitable for transportation. As for the nearest attractions, the situation is the same with them. On any landing, you will reach the Makhuntseti and Mirveti waterfalls, the bot garden, Mtirala park, the Gonio fortress and the border with Turkey, the Adjarian wine house and the village of Khulo.

The exceptions are the Goderdzi pass and the green lake, since after Khulo for 30 kilometers it is still completely off-road and you can only move around this area on an off-road vehicle at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour.

To other popular places such as Martvili Canyon and Okatse Canyon, Borjomi, Vardzia, Rabat Fortress, Dadiani Palace, Prometheus Caves and others, the roads are also in good condition, so take any car for rent and explore beautiful Georgia.

Rent a car with a driver in Batumi and Georgia

Renting a car with a driver has always been considered an alternative option for renting a car, and this has its advantages, especially when traveling around the country:

  1. many roads in Georgia are quite winding, which slows down driving for beginners a lot, and local drivers know them by heart and can drive through such sections much faster
  2. there are many places in the country where they offer to taste the national treasure — wine, while driving you will miss this opportunity, so a car with a driver in this situation is an ideal alternative
  3. with a driver you have the opportunity to relax on the road, which is important, because in a rested state everything always seems more beautiful and brighter
  4. in terms of money, renting a car with a driver can be much more profitable than without a driver, since he himself pays for gasoline, parking, fines and damage. And all the other nuances do not concern you, you just have to relax and enjoy the journey

Features of driving in Batumi and traffic rules

The rules of the road in Georgia are identical to the rules in all post-Soviet countries, but they have their own Caucasian features that many have heard about.

Firstly, in Batumi it is not forbidden to honk unnecessarily, or rather it is forbidden, but no one follows the rule. Therefore, they signal always and everywhere. And the reasons for this are different: they say hello, they warn about something, they want to overtake, they are not satisfied with your driving style, etc.

Secondly, cars with emergency lights on are very often found on the streets of Batumi. In 99% of cases such a gesture means a warning about pedestrians for drivers to get off and in the next lane.

Thirdly, always slow down before intersections, even if you have a main one, as not all local drivers follow the signs and simply fly over them.

Fourthly, in Batumi and throughout Georgia, drivers drive carelessly. Often crossing a solid lane and even two solid lanes when overtaking or just like that. Do not be too surprised by such actions, they are rarely fined here.

These are the main four features that you will immediately pay attention to in Batumi. But in general, driving around the city is quite easy, the main thing is to adapt to the local driving style and follow the rules of the road.

rent a car in Batumi
rent a car in Batumi

What to do if the traffic police stops you in Georgia

Patrol stops very rarely and only for malicious violators. But they are often fined for not wearing a seat belt (both the driver and passenger on the side), talking on the phone and improper parking. By the way, child seats and boosters are not required in Georgia.

The speed limit is monitored by radars that record both the speed when driving and the average speed between cameras, and fines are sent via SMS.

If you are stopped by a patrol, in order for everything to go smoothly, we strongly recommend:

Do not offer a bribe to the Georgian patrolmen, they will definitely not take it, because everyone has a mini camera on their chest that records everything. And this action can greatly aggravate the situation.
Do not try to prove your innocence and argue, it is better to immediately admit guilt and apologize. The local police are very loyal and if you behave like a human being, you can get off with a warning.
Always carry your passport along with your driver’s license. It is needed so that the patrol can determine how long you are in Georgia. After all, foreign rights are valid only for one year, then you need to cross the border and the countdown will reset again.
A violation report is drawn up on the spot, 30 days are given for payment, then the fine is doubled, tripled, etc. You can pay at any bank, for this you need a fine, a registration certificate and money.

Parking Features

There are parking signs on all the streets of Batumi and other large cities of Georgia, which mean that you can park in these places, provided that you have paid for the unified municipal parking in the city.

Often, in a rented car, parking has already been paid, but if not, then in a paybox on the street or in any bank, you can quickly make a payment for a day, week, month or year of parking. At the same time, you do not need any documents, receipts or stickers, as they check whether parking is paid using license plates and special devices via the Internet.

They get fined very often, so it’s better to pay for parking. In the yards and where there is no sign, you can stand without payment, in these places you are not fined.

At almost every “fishy” parking space there are parking attendants in light green vests who help to leave and sometimes drive in. For this service, it is customary for them to give a small gratitude in the amount of 20 tetri. Or how much it is not a pity. By the way, you can park your car along the road and leave it like that all night in Batumi. Nothing will happen to the car.

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