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  1. Hello.
    I am Rzayev Shamshir Teymurovich a citizen of Azerbaijan. from September 26 to September 2 22:10 we rested at the Batumi beach hotel. Everything was ok. On September 2nd at 22:12 we left the hotel. at 22:19 at the entrance to the Hotel I stopped a taxi (Black Mercedes brand w 212 fox calls this model) I send a taxi stop
    a photo that was photographed by accident 2 days before the bridle from the balcony. We Me, My Wife and Daughter got into a taxi and put our suitcases in the trunk. And moved to Gogebashvili street 1/2. It was an hour from 22:25 to 22:40.
    On Gogebashvili Street we got off the taxi. and until 12:50 we waited for the Bus of the company Bas Sustem. Which podezhal at 23:52. At that time, when the bus stopped, we loaded our luggage into it and boarded the bus. And they got off the bus tomorrow, September 03, in Tbilisi. The fact is that on that day from 22:20 to 23:50 I lost my wallet. where there were $ 260 money and my documents of Rights, registration certificate, bank cards and other documents.
    Please help me find my wallet. Thanks in advance

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