The biggest online marketplace in Georgia — private and commercial listings in Tbilisi, Batumi and other georgian cities

AllSellers is a place where you can find new and used cars, clothes, large and small household appliances, real estate, phones, tablets, laptops, pet products. Here you can also find tours and excursions in Georgia, veterinary clinics, various services, events and even jobs or employees.

On the main page, we are greeted by a clear search bar. You just need to write what you want to find and in which of the cities of Georgia. And if you are not looking for anything specific, then below are the ads and categories.

If you are not yet registered with AllSellers, you can contact the seller only by phone number. After registering and logging into your account, an internal messenger will become available through which the seller and the buyer can communicate with each other. georgian e-commerce platform Georgian e-commerce platform

How to create listing on

If you want to sell a product or service, you can create an ad on the platform. To do this, you need to register and click on the button «Create Listing».

Then you need to fill in the fields with relevant information. Add some images of what you are selling, offering or going to give free.

Specify the price of goods/services in Georgian currency. If you want to be paid in another currency, write about it in the description.

For example, if you sell an apartment for $ 30,000, then at the rate of 2.68 it equals 80550 GEL — write this amount in the «Price» field, and write the amount in dollars in the description.

Next, you need to select a rate. You can place an ad on AllSellers for free or choose a paid option.

Create a free ad on AllSellers platform

The FREE plan is right for you if

  • you sell a product in a single copy (for example: a smartphone, laptop ect.)
  • it doesn’t matter how quickly someone buy it

The term for placing an ad is 30 days in the general section. Then it goes to the archive. You will be notified of this by email. After that, there will be 60 days left to renew the ad. And it will be deleted permanently.

Paid advertising on the AllSellers platform

PREMIUM listings on AllSellers

PREMIUM tariff was created in order to sell a product/service for up to 7 days. In this case, the ad will be at the beginning of the selected category. And on the main page in the carousel and labeled PREMIUM.

SUPER VIP listings on AllSellers

SUPER VIP ad is profitable for those who

  • constantly engaged in the sale of certain goods/services (example: pet products or nail service)
  • sells/rents real estate in Georgia
  • sells exclusive products

So your SUPER VIP ad for 30 days will be on the main page in the carousel. As well as in the top of all products, ahead of PREMIUM ads and FREE ads.

Find and post ads in Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi and other cities of Georgia here:

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