Canyon in Dashbashi — glass bridge in Georgia

The news about the new extraordinary attraction of Georgia has already spread all over the world. This is a unique glass bridge over the canyon in the village of Dashbashi in Georgia, which opened on June 15, 2022.
The canyon itself is called Edgana and Tsalka. On Google maps you can find the Ezana Canyon Bridge and the Dashbash Canyon Diamond Bridge.

There is a one-and-a-half-kilometer trail to the bridge, along which you can get to the cascade waterfall.

How to get to Dashbashi Canyon from Tbilisi

Residents and guests of Tbilisi are very lucky, because the round trip will take only about 4 hours. Add to this a few hours for a walk, entertainment and a bar-restaurant in the center of the bridge. As a result, the day will be enough for you for such a trip.

The distance from Tbilisi to Dashbashi is 90 — 95 km

🚘 Well, a very pleasant option is to rent a car with a driver who will wait and take you back. On the way back to Tbilisi, you will have a great opportunity. To add another cultural and educational event to the day — stop by the old German village of Asureti. Today it has become a kind of open museum. Once residential buildings, a church and a cemetery in the classical German style have been preserved there.
Such a pleasure is not as expensive as you might think. From $ 55 for the whole day. Cars can accommodate from 3 people. The price is per car, not per person. And depends on its brand, season and additional parameters. You can see the cars HERE.

Dashbashi Canyon — what you can see

📌 It is better to go to Dashbashi in summer in sunny weather. Because at this time nature especially skillfully paints the local landscapes.
📌 Shoes should be chosen for hiking or sports.
The length of the famous glass bridge in the village of Dashbashi is 8 kilometers at an altitude of 250 meters from the lowest point.

The glass bridge is also called the «Diamond Bridge». Because there is a bar-restaurant in the form of a diamond in the center. Illumination turns on in the evening.

Canyon in Dashbashi - glass bridge in Georgia
Canyon in Dashbashi — glass bridge in Georgia

The bridge itself is not only decorative, but also practical. You can really go along it to the opposite side of the Ezana Canyon. But only in shoe covers 😄 Fortunately, they are given out there.

The project with all the infrastructure cost more than $45 million. And the tender for its construction was won by the largest investment company in Israel and Georgia, Kass Group.
Canyon in Dashbashi Georgia
Canyon in Dashbashi Georgia

Canyon in Dashbashi is a glass bridge in Georgia. What kind of entertainment is there?

🍸Bar-restaurant inside the «diamond», where you can relax from the road, drink a glass of wine, a cup of hot tea, coffee and even have a snack. While enjoying a panoramic view of the natural beauties of the Dashbashi Canyon (Tsalksky)

Bar-restaurant inside the "diamond"
Bar-restaurant inside the «diamond»

🚲 The first zip-line in Georgia on a bicycle with insurance (zip-tank, velozipline). An indescribable feeling of bubbling adrenaline at an altitude of 250 meters.
The cost of a zip bike in Dashbashi Canyon

  • 120 GEL per person.

Swing on the edge of the canyon. Such entertainment is also not often found, but emotions for a year ahead.
How much does a swing on the edge of Dashbashi Canyon cost

  • One person – 80 GEL
  • 3 persons – 150 GEL

Opening hours of Tsalka Canyon in Dashbashi

  • Every day from 10 am to 6 pm
However, the entrance to the bridge, bike line and swings are not available during rain, snow and heavy fog for your own safety.

The cost of tickets for the glass diamond bridge Dashbashi

Tickets for non-residents of Georgia

  • Standard adult — 49 GEL
  • Child (3-12 years old) – 34 GEL
  • For children under 3 years — free of charge
Tickets to Dashbashi Canyon - how much and where to buy
Tickets to Dashbashi Canyon — how much and where to buy

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