TAX FREE in Georgia, Tbilisi and Batumi

Walking past Georgian hardware and electronics stores, you can often see TAX FREE stickers right at the entrance. But not everyone fully understands what it is and how to use it. So, buying a product using the TAX FREE system, you save 15% of its cost. This is the VAT refund — 18%, minus 3% commission. And now I’ll tell you how you can apply for TAX FREE in Georgia and who will not be able to do this.

Who can use the VAT refund in Georgia

The TAX FREE system can only be used by foreigners without a residence permit, whose stay in Georgia does not exceed 3 months.

How to buy a product and apply for it TAX FREE in Georgia

  • First of all, we find a store that supports the TAX FREE system
  • We select the desired product (or several) in the amount of at least 250 GEL in one check
  • We warn you at the checkout that you need to apply for TAX FREE
  • We give the cashier a passport (for Belarusians for free taxis — just a passport)
  • Check the correctness of the data filled in by the cashier
  • We receive a receipt for VAT refund. Having fully paid for the goods and saved all receipts.
  • Ready!
How to apply for TAX FREE in Georgia
How to apply for TAX FREE in Georgia

Where to apply for TAX FREE in Georgia

On departure from the country, after receiving a stamp at passport control. For example, crossing the border from the Georgian Sarpi to the Turkish Sarp, near Duty Free. You will see a counter where TAX FREE is issued.

How to return VAT at the border of Georgia

  • We take the goods for which you need to return the value added tax
  • We pass passport control
  • We go to the TAX FREE counter
  • We give the employee a receipt for VAT refund with all checks and a passport for which these documents were issued
  • There we also receive a refund in cash or to a bank account within a month

What else you need to know about TAX FREE

However, there are some nuances that cannot be ignored.

⚠️ You only have 30 days to receive your VAT refund. After this period, the receipt will not be valid.

⚠️ Another important condition is to keep the goods in the package safe and sound.

⚠️ As soon as you go through the return procedureю Unpack the goods and remove all stickers received at the TAX FREE counter.

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