Transfer from Tbilisi to Batumi

Rent a VIP car with a personal driver in Georgia

Transfer from Tbilisi airport to Batumi — book a car with a driver online. How to get from Tbilisi airport to Batumi — consider the most comfortable option for such a trip.
The most convenient and safest way to get from the capital to Batumi is to rent a car with a driver. In other words, order an individual transfer. You might think that it will cost a lot. But it is not so. In fact, the cost of this service is quite affordable. Let’s figure out how to get from Tbilisi to Batumi by transfer.

First: do not try to find a car with a driver on the street. You will encounter such offers almost immediately upon arrival in the country. But we advise you to refuse such offers. Often locals inflate the cost several times. And many tourists, not yet guided by local prices, agree to such proposals. The second unpleasant moment can be «service». Bad English, sloppy driving, sometimes even smoking in the cabin. And at the end you may expect a not very pleasant surprise — the price may be increased.

Rent a car with a driver in Georgia. Transfer in Batumi, Tbilisi
Rent a car with a driver in Georgia

An alternative to such an «extreme» can be a specialized car rental service with a driver. A couple of years ago, such services were out of the question. But today this area is developed quite well. And because of the high competition, you get the minimum cost. And the quality of service is top notch. Clean and new cars. Drivers who are selected for work speak several languages. Many of them even arrange mini tours — they can tell you about sights and interesting places along the way, and not just take you from point «A» to point «B».

Order Tbilisi Batumi transfer online

Today, one of the leaders in this direction is the service

You can choose the direction you are interested in. And already from the proposed list of cars and drivers, choose exactly what suits you. The service provides a huge selection of cars. Starting from simple cars and ending with jeeps and minivans. But that’s not all. If you have any special wishes, they will be taken into account. For example, child seats, or bike racks.

You can place an order with just a couple of clicks. Don’t need to pay online. You will make all payments directly with the driver. The amount you see on the website is final. There can be no talk of any increase. But you must prepare cash in lari. But if, for example, you arrive without cash, the driver will take you to the exchange office, and even advise where the most favorable rate is.

After the transfer, the driver will contact you to clarify all the details. We recommend that you leave your viber or whatsapp in the note to the order — this will make it easier for the driver to contact you.

The service operates around the clock. That is, if you have a night flight, this is not a problem. The driver will meet you right at the airport with a sign. He will help carry the bags to the car and will provide any assistance. It is also important that all cars are equipped with Wi-Fi, so you will always be in touch on the road.

Use proven services for car rental with a driver and transfers —

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